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Long before phrases like 'carbon footprint' and 'green credentials' passed into popular usage, business people and the heads of public organisations were already displaying an eagerness to find more energy-efficient ways of working. Not because they wanted to save the planet, necessarily, but because energy is expensive and the ability to produce more for less has always been the Holy Grail of all commercial endeavour.

Which is why we don't offer energy saving solutions simply to those companies looking to 'go green', we recommend energy saving solutions to all our customers because, in a nutshell, who doesn't want to save money?

That being said, we have made quite a name for ourselves working with organisation companies, for whom saving energy isn't just a commercial consideration but central to their ethos of sustainability and environmental and social responsibility. Oxford Brookes University made a study about energy conservation and then they estimated cost saving to the client is £28,745 per year, which means the project will pay for itself in under three years, effectively 'going into profit' thereafter.

Of course, now, saving energy isn't solely the preserve of the ethically minded or the fiscally prudent. Now, it's a matter of legislation: Part L of the Buildings Regulations (Conservation of Fuel and Power), for example.

But whether you're driven by ethical, commercial or legal concerns, the fact is Kaza PropertySolutions have the knowledge, experience and proven track-record to deliver the energy-saving solution your organisation demands.

  • Car Park Energy Efficient Schemes
  • LED, Induction & T5 Lighting Projects
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Quality Products Supplied
  • Quick Return on Investments
  • Emergency Lighting
  • UPS Systems
  • Hazardous Areas
  • Lighting Design & Installation
  • Full Range of Electrical Contracting Services


Intelligent Lighting and Green Efficient Lighting
Almost all energy-saving endeavours begin with lighting. The combination of inefficient energy-hungry bulbs and lights being left on unnecessarily accounts for a tremendous amount of wasted energy and, therefore, money.

Compact fluorescent low wattage bulbs are a great alternative. Using less than 60% of the energy of conventional bulbs, they will very often provide you with a return on investment within 12 months. But why stop there? CASA also offer presence detection technology that means not only is your lighting efficient when switched on, it is only ever switched on when people are present. We can even take it one step further. With 'intelligent lighting', a sensor system will keep the lights switched off whilst there is sufficient natural light, only coming on when needed.


The next generation of energy saving lighting solutions come to us courtesy of a technology that's been around since 1962: the Light Emitting Diode or LED.

LED has now evolved to the point where it can confidently challenge conventional halogen lighting for effect, whilst leaving it standing when it comes to energy usage and longevity. LED is now just as bright and easy on the eye as the likes of the MR16 or GU10 halogen bulbs whilst generating an astonishing 90% energy saving. What's more, they last five times longer than halogen lamps, with an average 50,000 hours operating lifetime.

Combine these with the presence detection systems and intelligent lighting systems described above and a significant return on investment.


Voltage Reductions
All items of electrical equipment, from the domestic to the industrial, have insatiable appetites: they will consume whatever they are given. So even if a particular piece of kit only requires a relatively small voltage to operate, it will use whatever is pumped into it. This means unnecessary power consumption and expense; it can also dramatically reduce the lifespan of your equipment. The chances are your power supply is higher than you require for typical operating conditions.

There a number of steps CASA can take to reduce the voltage to the levels you actually require. We can adjust the tap settings on your transformers, we can install a fixed ratio voltage reduction transformer or we can install voltage stabilisers. These simple measures can reduce the energy consumption of the equipment in question by as much as 20%.


Home / Business Automation Systems
Home automation systems and electrical automation systems generally were seen as the stuff of science fiction 20 years ago. Today, such things are becoming increasingly common. Lighting using timers, motion detectors and remote controls are just the tip of the iceberg. We can install automated fans, providing cooling relief only as and when it is needed. We can install blinds, drapes and other window treatments that provide optimum lighting whilst helping maintain a comfortable room temperature. Intelligent Tilt Alignment technology enables you to create presets so you can always position your blinds just so.

By being in control of the light and heat entering your premises, you can measurably reduce the amount of action you have to take to combat too much heat and too much light, action that usually requires expensive to run cooling systems and having to block out all natural light and resort to artificial methods which are, once again, expensive to run.


To conclude... there is no conclusion
The quest for efficient energy sources and low-consumption alternatives to previously power-hungry electrical equipment is an ongoing one. The energy-saving innovations of today will be seen as the fuel guzzling relics of tomorrow. CASA fully intend to be at the very forefront of this quest, pioneering new ways to save energy and money.

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F. Messina - Messina Clinic|London

Very prompt response and work completed with minimal disruption to my business. Clean, tidy workers.

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